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Accounts Training Institute
( Centre For Project & Finance Management )
IT For Development
Accounts Training Institute(ATI) is a bangalore-based consulting firm working in partnership with public, private and non-government organizations. We provides high quality consultancy services to clients from community to policy-level across India and worldwide with the objective of improving the performance of client’s policies, programs and projects in achieving sustainable development.
Our Work
Accounts Training Institute(ATI) has expertise with resources in the sectors of Education, Public health, Nutrition, Water and sanitation, Governance, Social development, Livelihoods, Rural development, Urban development, Public & Micro finance, Financial Management, Disaster Management, Gender, HIV/AIDS and Human rights. Accounts Training Institute also has off the shelf ICT solutions in project management, financial management and micro finance management, which can be customized to client requirements.
Our Services:
  • IT for Development Sector
  • Strategic planning
  • Monitoring & evaluation
  • Applied research, survey and studies
  • Institutional development
  • CSR Consultancy
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Accounts Training Institute
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