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About Us
  • Accounts Training Institute is a Bangalore-based consulting firm working in partnership with public, private and non-government organizations. We provide high quality consultancy services to clients from community to policy-level across India and worldwide with the objective of improving the performance of client’s policies, programmes and projects in achieving sustainable development. In addition to consulting we also provide ICT solutions (software) to our clients in areas of project and finance management.
  • Accounts Training Institute has been working among various INGOs, UN Organisations, Governmental Organisations and NGOs playing various roles as monitor, evaluator, trainer, financial consultant and IT solution provider. IT for development sector is the core competency of the organisation with a proven track record of managing large scale programs and projects. The team consists of finance professionals, RBM experts, development experts and software professionals having exposure and expertise for more than two decades.
  • Web based applications have been demonstrated in the past with dedicated servers located in California. Consistent support and constant technical update are the track record of the company since 1998.
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Accounts Training Institute
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