The best cloud based GST compliant business accounting software to manage purchase indenting, raising purchase orders, receipting goods, purchase invoice and payments to suppliers. Latest purchase orders of similar items displayed to have control over rates and quantities.

    Sales invoicing with pre defined mark-up and HSN code based GST rates auto effected based on POS, sales returns and debtors collections identifiable with individual invoices facilitates to control the counter sales, institutional sales and warranty sales.

    Service billing with pre-defined rates and technical specifications of each and every job or service and matching collections with the outstanding invoices helps to manage service accounting easy . Issue of spares and consumables for services will be tagged to the final invoice of the concerned job or service.

    Inventory management of stock and issue made easy through capturing of quantitative information at various stages , facilitating stock taking at intervals, stock-in-hand valuation and reporting of stock variance.

    Debtors (Accounts receivables) collection against each and every invoice makes reconciliation of balances an easy job. Debotors balancing with detailed invoicewise outstanding and setting credit limits facilitate effective AR management.

    Creditors (Accounts Payables) balancing with invoicewise outstanding with built in checks and balances helps for manage virtually .

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